Let me tell you a story…

The story is about a young and joyful student who’s goal was to become a successful IoT developer.

It goes something like this…

On a beautiful day in Belgium a new child was born. The family Tolpe called him Kevin. He grew up between his big and bigger sister and brother. In the early stages of his live, he got comfortable with new technologies. He was curious and wanted to learn everything about them. So, when he graduated from Computer Science in secondary school, he made the choice to go studying at the Howest University in Belgium. There he studied New Media and Communication Technology (NMCT).

There he learned how to code in Python, JavaScript and Arduino Programming Language. He already knew some basics in C# and Java from secondary school. But beside coding he learned a lot more, like electronics for example. He made complicated but amazing prototypes for many different projects. To make them even better he created beautiful websites with gorgeous pictures he edited in Adobe Photoshop.

He wasn’t scared to do anything, he liked to challenge himself to see how far he would get. He laughed a lot and was always optimistic. He worked alone and in team. He was always learning new things and was patient when needed.

But what came next, even he didn’t know.